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Everest : Must place to visit before you die

Everest region has been listed by BBC to be one of the most places to visit before one dies and I was very fortunate that I could be there. Among the several trekking routes, Everest base camp is the most popular one and it's all for good reason. You can see the world tallest mountain of the world as close as from anywhere. Along with that, you can have a spectacular view of Himalayan ranges that will easily blow your mind. The photograph is just a sample of what view you can have (Caution: The image is a copyright property of the author). The trek takes a maximum of 15 nights and 16 days that involves 8 hours of walking every day. The trek begins from Lukla but the majestic view can be seen starting from Namche Bazaar only. The trail is well managed and there won't be any problem. The suspension bridge is hung everywhere in the places where you have to cross the rivers. If you are travelling alone then there are sign boards and map displayed on the side of the trail at eve

Flight to world's most dangerous airport

The flight to Lukla from Kathmandu is 36 to 40 minute only and what is there to write? The plane takes off and lands ...  Wait! there is more to it. Lukla airport is one of the world's most dangerous airport yet one of the busiest airports of Himalayan kingdom Nepal. Located at an elevation of 2, 860 meter, flying to Lukla airport requires a lot of courage and very good aviation skills. I have heard many people say that either a fool, adamant or a Nepali can only land and take off in this airport. Interestingly, the airport was built with the help of Sir Edmund Hillary for local sherpas to make them give a sense of development who is not a Nepalese. The airport is constructed by carving a hill. So, what is dangerous about this airport? The route of the aeroplane is all through the hills and mountains. The weather in the mountains changes so quickly that it cannot be determined raising concerns about the visibility and turbulence. Also, while landing the plane has to go through

Places worth seeing in Kathmandu

Are you wondering which places to visit during your trip to Nepal? Well, we can guide you during your trip. Some of the most notable places in and around Kathmandu Valley have been described below. Believe us, they are more beautiful than we have described here. Narayanhiti Royal Palace Museum The former palace of where the Royal family resided was turned into the museum after the establishment of democracy in the country. Located at a walking distance from Thamel, the museum is one of the things which you should not miss. You can see how the kings of Nepal resided and you can have a glance of almost everything. Besides that, you can also see the marks of gunshot of Royal Massacre that had shaken the world. Beyond these, the feelings that you get when walking through the passage where once King walked is amazing. This is one of place that you should visit. Keep in mind that the palace remains closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays and on the occasion of public holiday that is in the

Nepal Travel Information

Nepal is the most beautiful country and one of the recommended destination by national geography. The scenes, views, culture and hospitality of the country cannot be matched anywhere else in the world. You may have heard this before and planning a trip to Nepal or you may have already booked your trip to the country. Here are some of the things that you have to keep in mind when you plan to fly to Nepal. Nepal is totally destroyed by earthquake After the devastating earthquake of April 2015, there was a myth that the country was totally unsafe to travel but it’s false. This might have made you happy. And yes, the Himalayan kingdom is totally safe to travel and is keenly waiting to serve its best hospitality. Water in Nepal is unsafe to drink You may also have heard that the water in the country are totally unsafe to drink and may have included water in your luggage making it heavier. The water in the country is totally safe and you can buy the sealed mineral water which y

The Scared Traveller

While I was visiting Swyambhunath, the world heritage site of Nepal, I came across a foreigner while climbing up the stairs. He was sweating abnormally - I tried to ignore with an assumption that he may not be habituated in climbing the stairs. With all the modern facilities and technology available in the country that could be a natural thought for anyone living in the developing world. But, now he was terrified and panicking. He was trying to talk to the people but to his dismay, the people around him did not understand the English language. The panicking did not stop there and with every passing second, he seemed to be more worried. Then, I walked to him and asked if he was having some problem. His eyes dazzled and his face glowed as he heard me speaking English. "Do you speak English", he asked. I replied, "Yes, I do. How can I help you?" He showed me a scratch in his right hand and spoke hurriedly, "It came from a monkey. Where is the closest hospital