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Monsoon Hike (Kapan Gumba-Tare Vhir- Sundarijal)

Kathmandu, the capital city of Himalayan kingdom Nepal is heaven for hikers as it is surrounded by hills on all sides. You can hike in any hills in any direction that surrounds the capital city. One of the popular hiking routes is Kapan Gumba – Tare Vhir – Sundarijal. This hiking route is the best hiking route for beginners with very fewer steeps and no challenging routes. The routes are very clear and there is very less chance that you will miss the destination as there are small villages appearing in every hour who can act as your compass. The route is blessed by the scenic view of Kathmandu valley, dense forest with river curving. Rains are excuses for the majority of people for not traveling but for those travelers who ached for visiting new places, rains are the motivation that will harvest new experience in their series of traveling. For me, nothing can stop me from traveling hence the monsoon in Kathmandu did not bar me from exploring the hills of Kathmandu. Kapan Gumba