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Everest : Must place to visit before you die

Everest region has been listed by BBC to be one of the most places to visit before one dies and I was very fortunate that I could be there. Among the several trekking routes, Everest base camp is the most popular one and it's all for good reason. You can see the world tallest mountain of the world as close as from anywhere. Along with that, you can have a spectacular view of Himalayan ranges that will easily blow your mind. The photograph is just a sample of what view you can have (Caution: The image is a copyright property of the author).
The trek takes a maximum of 15 nights and 16 days that involves 8 hours of walking every day. The trek begins from Lukla but the majestic view can be seen starting from Namche Bazaar only. The trail is well managed and there won't be any problem. The suspension bridge is hung everywhere in the places where you have to cross the rivers. If you are travelling alone then there are sign boards and map displayed on the side of the trail at every major stops. All in all, the trail is well managed with tea houses scattered all over the trekking route.

There are more than just the glimpses of mountains to be enjoyed. The hospitality of Sherpas and tea house owner adds more value to this region. The innocence of children and their smiling faces will teach you value of life which any classroom of the world will not teach you. They served you your breakfast and hurry to the schools that are always a mile walk from their houses. They are not privileged to education like we are but their commitment to gain knowledge is incredible. The potters that you meet on the trail with an average of 60 -70 kg load on their back will send you a pleasant smile and often a greeting. This will teach you to be happy on any situation.

Personally speaking, you will get to observe the beauty of humanity more than the nature's beauty.