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Ride to Nuwakot Durbar

Top View of Nuwakot Durbar Kathmandu was just waking up when I was packing up to leave Kathmandu. I was supposed to be on the road by 5:15 where my friend Babin Karki was supposed to pick me up. As per our phone conversation, he had told me that he would be 101 percent sure that he would be on time and he was 1 minute earlier. The road was clear but there were much more traffic than expected. It just took us 15 minute to reach Kalanki – junction point where all of us were supposed to meet. No one had arrived and we had to wait. While waiting, the aroma of tea arrived from nearby and we could not resist. Sipping local milk tea, we waited for others to arrive. By 6:00 am, the team was complete with all the bikes and scooter filled with full tank of petrol. We were riding to Nuwakot Durbar. Author enjoying the scenic view The journey began. In order to avoid traffic caused by night buses entering into the valley, the bikes entered the alternative road of Kalikasthan. It took u

The Unsuccessful Journey

The WiFi transmitter notorious for breaking down so often did the same this month. The tower located at the roof of government in school in Khalte, Patle, Dhading Besi showed problems and there was no internet signal being transmitted to the other side of the hills. The project initiated by Himalayan Children Charities Nepal  to connect rural schools to internet have been benefiting many schools of Dhading region of central Nepal allowing them to surf the internet and enabling information technology for learning. Author on the way to the WiFi tower Being a project coordinator, it was my responsibility to fix it so that thousands of students studying in other side of the hills will have WiFi signals. Hence, along with Suryaraj Timsina - IT Manager at Deerwalk Institute of Technology packed our gears and headed to the wonderland as we had never been there earlier. The bus from the Western Outlet of Kathmandu dropped us to the district head quarter of Dhading. After consultin