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Nepal Travel Information

Nepal is the most beautiful country and one of the recommended destination by national geography. The scenes, views, culture and hospitality of the country cannot be matched anywhere else in the world. You may have heard this before and planning a trip to Nepal or you may have already booked your trip to the country. Here are some of the things that you have to keep in mind when you plan to fly to Nepal.

Nepal is totally destroyed by earthquake
After the devastating earthquake of April 2015, there was a myth that the country was totally unsafe to travel but it’s false. This might have made you happy. And yes, the Himalayan kingdom is totally safe to travel and is keenly waiting to serve its best hospitality.

Water in Nepal is unsafe to drink
You may also have heard that the water in the country are totally unsafe to drink and may have included water in your luggage making it heavier. The water in the country is totally safe and you can buy the sealed mineral water which you are highly purified with the latest technology. Do not carry water and if you have packed then you can take it out without any hesitation.

Nepal is a state of India
Nepal is a part of India. You are totally wrong. Nepal is a sovereign country that is sandwiched between India and China. You will get your visas issued at the international airport by the government of Nepal.

Buddha was born in India
With the prime minister of India stating in the international media that Buddha was born in India, you may rethink about it. But, the reality is that Buddha was born in Lumbini, Nepal and it has been enlisted in the world heritage by UNESCO and it clearly states that the birthplace of Gautam Buddha is Nepal.

Nepali people requests traveller for help

There are the wrong messages spread by some traveller that you will be nagged by Nepalese to help them financially. Also, that you will be troubled by beggars. This is all false. Nepalese are more known for their hospitality and our culture equivalents guests to god.

Clear these rumours in your head while you travel to the Himalayan kingdom.

Note: This article also appears in the blog section of Kathmandu Eco Hotel and is the original content of the blogger himself.