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Cycling around Kathmandu

It was my third week in Deerwalk and the cycling form was circulated among the students. I love going out so I filled the form. Only the few selected randomly would have an opportunity to attend the event. I felt very excited to see my name on board. We were destined to Lele and the cycling day would be on December 19, 2015. Early on the cold winter morning, the cyclists gathered on the premises of college. We were to start at 7 a.m. After some group photos, my first outing from DWIT was on a go. We stopped at Baneshwor to buy snacks and were supposed to cycle through Sankhamul-Patan-Jawlakhel-Bhaisepati and leave the valley. It was at Jawalakhel that I and my classmates missed the route and that resulted to report writing. We finally caught up with the group at Ekantakuna where the hiking club president and the coordinator were waiting up for our arrival. We apologized!! At the very first hour; the inclined road of Bhainsepati tested our cycling capability. The road was tough bu

Driving in rain

If you have not tried it then you got to. Driving in rain is one of the rare experience that most people do not try. Accidentally, many people get wet while driving to and fro from the office but only few people take the opportunity to enjoy the moment. The instance would be even more fabulous if you can drive around the capital city of Himalayan kingdom Nepal. Why Kathmandu? The city with many world heritages site located in between 5 kilometers makes the journey enjoyable and memorable. The feeling is different and clears your mind. There are no words to describe and experiencing by oneself is highly recommended. The whistling wind slapping your body, the falling rain dripping in your body makes you feel that you are in a different world. The site of people rushing to avoid rain, vehicles speeding up to reach the destination faster, people squeezing in bus stop to  avoid getting wait will be a pleasant site to the eyes. The experience that many people avoid will actually tur

Poverty Stricken Region

Martadi the district headquarter of Bajura in Far- Western Development Region is one of the most remote areas of the country. The region can be called as the dark place as the people around there have not been able to sense development yet. Only few people travel to these areas and people outside of this region have very little idea about these places. The rugged land-form, infertile soil, illiteracy and poverty has been has been acting as a curse for the people dwelling in this district. The district is unexplored by many people hence this anomaly encouraged me to visit this place. It took three days and four nights of driving on a private vehicle to reach the place. Driving was fun but very tedious and hectic. The highway passes through deep and dense forest and occasionally there are mountains popping up at places. You can encounter wild animals crossing the highway. Women carrying fodders in their back with green hills as a background will catch your eye sight. At an interval o

Porters of the Mountains

Nepal’s beauty is tantalizing with unbelievable scenery, iconic trekking routes and unbelievable experiences. Thousands of tourist flood into the country to feel these mesmerizing beauty. Due to the good flow of trekkers, thousands of people have been employed and making their living. Guides, lodge operators, tea houses and potters are some people that are heavenly dependent on trekkers in the mountain. But among these potters are the one that makes less fortune. During my trek to the Annapurnna, Mustang and Everest region, the condition of potters was very similar. All of them were exploited - more iconically, the potters carrying loads of tea houses and lodges. The potters have from 90-100 kilograms of load in their back. When we people find difficult to lift 15 kilograms of liquid petroleum gas (LPG) cylinder then imagine the pressure exerted by this weight on the back of these potters. You may imagine that these potters may be paid a handsome money but it’s false. They are paid

Walking in the Himalayas

“A hundred ages of God” you could not do justice to the Himalayas states the Hindu Scriptures. So, where do the mortal starts? Since, the first successful ascend of Mt. Everest 64 years earlier, it has been getting all the headlines when it comes to mountain. Why not? Every year thousands of trekkers flung into the Khumbu region to enjoy the mesmerizing view of some of the world’s tallest mountain. Walking in the Himalayas is not too difficult compared to what it was like when the Mt. Everest was first conquered. There are many luxurious tea houses all along the trekking route ready to serve the guests in best possible way.  The trekking route is well managed with stones paved and ladder constructed at difficult places. There are also suspension bridge hung in order to cross the perennial river originating from the Himalayas. Also, the guides are more skillful and have good spoken and written English. Apart from guides, the potters also can communicate with you in English. All thes