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How can traveller avoid dust in Kathmandu?

According to pollution index 2016, Kathmandu is ranked third in most polluted city in the world and according to department of immigration, Nepal 729,550 tourist visited Nepal which means that they must go through pollution of Kathmandu. Recently, it has been concern for all the travelers to get away from pollution. Here are some ways to get away from pollution while you enjoy the beautiful heritages of Kathmandu. Use pollution mask source:The Himalyan Times First thing first, if you have no work then try to stay in hotel rooms rather than wondering in the streets of Kathmandu. If you cannot then come out with mask. Be noted that the normal mask will not protect you. You must have some N95 or N99 mask with you. Avoid rush hour In Kathmandu it generally 9 to 11 hours in the morning and 16 to 18:30 hours in the evening. Everything is crazy during this hours. Avoid ring road When you want to go for site seeing, try to avoid the ring road. Ask your cab driver to find some

In Kathmandu - Neither you can walk nor drive

Kathmandu - the capital of the country has become one of the most unmanaged city of the world with rapid urbanization and over population. Now, the situation has gone from pancake to the fire with road being dug everywhere to lay pipes for ever waiting drinking water project. The roads vanishes into the cloud of dust on sunny day and when it rains you could plant rice on mucky road. No one would like to walk on such a bizarre situation. The roads are full of potholes and you never know when your vehicles will get stuck. Add to it the perpetual traffic jam then you would never want to drive on the roads of capital city. source: ekantipur The road scenario is insane during the rush hour. There are queues of vehicle only dismissing into the horizon and you never know when you will pass through it. At instances you have to wait for hours and hours killing all your time. If you are travelling in over stuffed public vehicles then only god can help you. You might say that you woul