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Driving in rain

If you have not tried it then you got to. Driving in rain is one of the rare experience that most people do not try. Accidentally, many people get wet while driving to and fro from the office but only few people take the opportunity to enjoy the moment. The instance would be even more fabulous if you can drive around the capital city of Himalayan kingdom Nepal. Why Kathmandu? The city with many world heritages site located in between 5 kilometers makes the journey enjoyable and memorable.
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The feeling is different and clears your mind. There are no words to describe and experiencing by oneself is highly recommended. The whistling wind slapping your body, the falling rain dripping in your body makes you feel that you are in a different world. The site of people rushing to avoid rain, vehicles speeding up to reach the destination faster, people squeezing in bus stop to  avoid getting wait will be a pleasant site to the eyes.

The experience that many people avoid will actually turn into a fun event. When it rains next time then just try taking this opportunity.