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Walking in the Himalayas

“A hundred ages of God” you could not do justice to the Himalayas states the Hindu Scriptures. So, where do the mortal starts? Since, the first successful ascend of Mt. Everest 64 years earlier, it has been getting all the headlines when it comes to mountain. Why not? Every year thousands of trekkers flung into the Khumbu region to enjoy the mesmerizing view of some of the world’s tallest mountain.
Walking in the Himalayas is not too difficult compared to what it was like when the Mt. Everest was first conquered. There are many luxurious tea houses all along the trekking route ready to serve the guests in best possible way.  The trekking route is well managed with stones paved and ladder constructed at difficult places. There are also suspension bridge hung in order to cross the perennial river originating from the Himalayas. Also, the guides are more skillful and have good spoken and written English. Apart from guides, the potters also can communicate with you in English. All these have made trekking in the mountains more effective, efficient and joyful.
Trekkers posing at Chola Pass of Everest region
The only possible threats that you may feel is the altitude. Altitude is very problematic and occasionally can be a cause of death if not receive medical attention timely. Getting prompt rescue in these difficult terrain is more challenging. However, there are many aviation company stand by to carry out rescue service. The ever changing weather is a mere challenge for these company. But when it comes to taking risk then no one can match the pilots of Nepal. They have a history of carrying out successful rescue services at the highest altitude of the world. These pilot are so committed that they can risk their life to bring you out of danger.
Altitude will not keep you back in your home when you see the mesmerizing view of landscape and mountains. The hospitality and commitment of Sherpas will provoke your more to pack your bags and start your journey. The temptation to start your trekking will have no boundary when some of your friend describe their journey when they come back home. It is so that BBC has listed this place to be one of the most place to visit on Earth before life cheats you.
Come prepared. Follow my blog to know what are the prerequisites to come to these mountains.