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In Kathmandu - Neither you can walk nor drive

Kathmandu - the capital of the country has become one of the most unmanaged city of the world with rapid urbanization and over population. Now, the situation has gone from pancake to the fire with road being dug everywhere to lay pipes for ever waiting drinking water project. The roads vanishes into the cloud of dust on sunny day and when it rains you could plant rice on mucky road. No one would like to walk on such a bizarre situation. The roads are full of potholes and you never know when your vehicles will get stuck. Add to it the perpetual traffic jam then you would never want to drive on the roads of capital city.

source: ekantipur
The road scenario is insane during the rush hour. There are queues of vehicle only dismissing into the horizon and you never know when you will pass through it. At instances you have to wait for hours and hours killing all your time. If you are travelling in over stuffed public vehicles then only god can help you. You might say that you would prefer to walk then. Wait! Walking is not as easy as you think. You are walking into the dust bowl with more dust in atmosphere than regular natural gases. You literally get free dust shower. Imagine yourself reaching colleges and offices turning browny and smelling dust. When it rains, then you are covered with slush from the vehicles splashing them. Both driving and walking is complicated on the roads of Kathmandu Valley.

The road conditions is pathetic beyond description and shows no signs of improvements at present. With monsoon arriving very soon, walking and driving in Kathmandu is scarier than the worst nightmare you ever had. 

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