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How can traveller avoid dust in Kathmandu?

According to pollution index 2016, Kathmandu is ranked third in most polluted city in the world and according to department of immigration, Nepal 729,550 tourist visited Nepal which means that they must go through pollution of Kathmandu. Recently, it has been concern for all the travelers to get away from pollution. Here are some ways to get away from pollution while you enjoy the beautiful heritages of Kathmandu.

Use pollution mask

source:The Himalyan Times
First thing first, if you have no work then try to stay in hotel rooms rather than wondering in the streets of Kathmandu. If you cannot then come out with mask. Be noted that the normal mask will not protect you. You must have some N95 or N99 mask with you.

Avoid rush hour

In Kathmandu it generally 9 to 11 hours in the morning and 16 to 18:30 hours in the evening. Everything is crazy during this hours.

Avoid ring road

When you want to go for site seeing, try to avoid the ring road. Ask your cab driver to find some indoor routes. Also, remember to keep the window of your cab shut.

No street foods

Try to avoid the street foods. You may want to take the new taste but its better for you not to do so. If you really crave for it then you got to come back after the pollution of the valley gets controlled.

Avoid major junction

Do not plan your paths through busy street, construction sites and major junction. Try avoiding them as much as possible.

No travelling in open transport

Try avoiding open transport meaning motorbikes, bicycles, scooter and rickshaw.

Eat healthy and drink more water

You may not get food that taste exactly like your hometown but it is equally important for you to eat properly to get good immune. Along with food, remember yourself to drink water. Try getting good mineral water with sealed cap.

Try booking hotels out of Kathmandu

Instead of staying in Kathmandu, plan your stay out of valley. Kirtipur, Lalitpur, Bhaktapur could be best alternative.