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A visit to Chitlang

The weekends are for travelling and on 2nd September, the team was heading to Chitlang for a night stay. As goes the old English saying, early bird catches more worm, the 13 travelershad already cross the border of Kathmandu Valley while the sun was just rising. It’s never a bad idea to fill up your stomach with some foods before starting an uphill hike. The hike would be 3 hours long. The food may have gone a fast metabolism as all the hikers were full of energy. Climbing the hills as fast as possible. If the same had continued then the journey’s duration would be brought down into half. Sadly, that didn’t happened. The hikers were divided into two groups – slow and fast hikers. Hence, it should always be a steady and continuous walk while hiking and rushing is never recommended. The shoes had now changed the color to muddy as there trail were slushy from the last night’s rain. Some places, you had all your shoes dipped in forcing you to take them out and clean them.
The mud would be perfectly fine, if there were no leeches sticking to your body. The situation was now from pancake to the fire. Hiking won’t be adventurous if your shoes does not get dirty and if you will not get leeches. While facing the problem, the scenic view of green hills freshly bathed from last night’s downpour would strike directly to your heart giving you the rare pleasant feeling which only the natural views can invoke. The fast hikers had to wait for the other teams to arrive on top of the Champadevi hill. While waiting, photographs were taken with people trying weird poses. The breakfast was fast digested with everyone ready to have second breakfast within a span of two hours. Chitlang was 1 hour walk away from us. After an hour walk, we were at Chitlang ready to serve us with goat cheese, Asian peers and the most welcoming home stays. Sour is compulsory for you to have a fun evening. After being freshened up, the team headed to the pear tree garden which provided the best view of the hills and villages lying in the vicinity of Chitlang. A night stay won’t be fulfilled without barbecue and famous musical game Anatashiri( A game played between two teams where a team has to pick a song from the phonetic of song last sung.)
 Next morning, we had to head back home via MarkhuDakshinkali and bus ride to home. The morning was foggy preventing us from glancing the gorgeous views. While walking down, the suspension bridge and Lake Indra Sarowar can be a good place to fiddle around which can be reached by walking 2 hours. No one wanted to miss the opportunity hence everyone surfed around the lake with snacks served on the site. After walking for two hours, there was micro bus waiting for us. On the way, there was Thakali dinner served. There is no best way to spend week end than this.
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