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Ride to Nuwakot Durbar

Top View of Nuwakot Durbar
Kathmandu was just waking up when I was packing up to leave Kathmandu. I was supposed to be on the road by 5:15 where my friend Babin Karki was supposed to pick me up. As per our phone conversation, he had told me that he would be 101 percent sure that he would be on time and he was 1 minute earlier. The road was clear but there were much more traffic than expected. It just took us 15 minute to reach Kalanki – junction point where all of us were supposed to meet. No one had arrived and we had to wait. While waiting, the aroma of tea arrived from nearby and we could not resist. Sipping local milk tea, we waited for others to arrive. By 6:00 am, the team was complete with all the bikes and scooter filled with full tank of petrol. We were riding to Nuwakot Durbar.
Author enjoying the scenic view
The journey began. In order to avoid traffic caused by night buses entering into the valley, the bikes entered the alternative road of Kalikasthan. It took us around 45 minute to reach nagdhunga. Those on bikes reached their faster and waiting for our scooter to arrive. After arrival of all team members, the bike went downhill – out of valley at 6:50 with a plan to meet at Galchhi bachhar. The road was empty and the bikes were flying. It was 8: 30 when all the riders met up at the break point.
Now, the road was narrow with construction going on. Also, were sand trucks all over the highway hence requested the bikers to limit their speed and drive carefully. We would meet up in Devghat bazaar for breakfast. Nearly after an hour ride through muddy and slippery road and over taking hundreds of sand truck, it was time for breakfast. The riders galloped whatever was available and headed towards Bidur – the district headquarter of Nuwakot.
After overtaking more sand trucks with wheels slipping every now and often in the slushy road and passing major towns like ratmate, jilling and battar; we arrived Bidur at around 11:00 am. Right from the district police headquarter of Nuwakot, there goes the road to Nuwakot Durbar. All the bikes headed up occasionally stopping for photographs. By 11:30; we were at Durbar located at the top of the hill.
Rider Ashim climbing uphill
The seven storey Durbar from where the founder of modern Nepal – late King Prithivi Narayan Shah ruled his kingdom was awaiting renovation from the damaged caused by the earthquake of 2015. The palace was locked and was not allowed to enter. There were no signs of palace renovating soon. The wooden beams used to structure the palace were lying piled up in the courtyard where once the army of late king Shah carried out marched pass. When the tour was complete, now we headed towards the view tower which was located in greater height than Durbar.
It was the most fun filled time of the ride. The scooted could not climb up and the bikes were slipping continuously. There were instances when the bike completely made a U turn after tires slipping in the mud. More than 12 centimeters of the land was dug by the tires being trapped in the land. All these were worthy when we reached the tower. The view soothed our eyes and mesmerized our mind. The whole valley of Nuwakot was visible. There were greenery all around.

After spending an hour, the bike went downhill with a motive to get back home. On the way, we were caught in rain and the ride became more adventurous.